End Your Dental Pain in Decatur With Our Fast Response

Small dental problems can quickly turn into bigger ones. Dental emergencies frequently begin as minor pain that you may not consider a big deal – such as a problem chewing food. Don’t ignore the signs if you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain in Decatur, AL. Seek treatment from an experienced dentist to relieve your pain and restore your healthy, attractive smile. Our practice offers:

  • Same-day appointments whenever possible
  • Compassionate professionals dedicated to helping you feel better soon
  • Pillows, blankets, and longer appointment times for your comfort
  • Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to take the edge off your anxiety

Call us right away at 256-274-8680 if you have oral pain. We can help you relax, eliminate your discomfort, and get your smile back on track. The cost of your emergency exam will be covered if you join our Dental Savings Plan. Ask for details today.

Don’t Wait When You Have a Dental Emergency

We will do everything we can to provide care the same day when you contact us with a dental emergency. We use advanced technology, like digital X-rays, to quickly assess your condition and diagnose your problem. Digital X-rays are fast, precise, and more comfortable. We won’t need to put any bulky paper into your mouth.

When you call us outside of business hours, you’ll get an after-hours number to reach us. We are happy to advise you on what you should do.

How we handle a few common dental emergencies will vary depending on your problem. Here are a few ways we address different causes of mouth pain:

  • Mend a Cracked or Broken Tooth – A dental crown is the usual fix for a broken tooth.
  • Repair a Chipped Tooth – Depending on the severity of the chip, we can cover it with a dental veneer or a dental crown.
  • Stop a Toothache – A toothache can signal several problems, including a cavity or an infected tooth. We can clean the tooth and place a tooth filling or place a dental crown to repair the cavity and prevent further damage.

Call the experts at 256-274-8680 now! If you have a non-urgent need, you can also schedule online. Don’t panic when you have dental pain in Decatur, AL. You can get relief at River Oaks Dental Care!