Solve Your Smile Problems With Dentures

If you think of your grandparents’ false teeth when you think of dentures, you will be pleased to know this popular teeth replacement solution has greatly improved. They are more lifelike in how they feel and function. During your consultation, we’ll review your dentures options with you:

  • Full-Arch Dentures – Replace an entire arch of teeth with a complete set of full dentures. They remain in place with adhesive.
  • Partial Dentures – If you have some healthy teeth remaining, we can create partial dentures for you.

If you never want to be without teeth, we can provide immediate dentures for you to wear right after your teeth are extracted. While you’ll still need to get a final set of replacement teeth, you’ll enjoy normal oral function and a nice-looking smile while you heal.

Our team can also handle your tooth extraction for you. We will use local anesthesia to keep you comfortable, and you can also opt for laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to stay relaxed throughout the procedure.

Pair Your Dentures With Implants for Better Jaw Strength

One of the newest options for replacing an entire arch of teeth is anchoring dentures to dental implants. Dr. Parker works with a specialist who places the implants in your jaw. Then you return here to get your dentures placed onto your implants.

You can expect several benefits from this alternative to traditional dentures. Because implants are embedded in your jaw, they stimulate the bone much like your own tooth roots do. This means your bone will stay stronger and fuller, so you’ll be less likely to experience the “sunken-in” look that can make you appear older.

They also:

  • Stay Securely in Place – You won’t experience embarrassing slippage. Implants anchor your dentures, so you don’t have to use adhesive.
  • Function Like Natural Teeth Implant dentures feel and function similar to your natural teeth. You’ll enjoy more bite strength to eat the foods you love.
  • Are Simple to Clean – Depending on the type of replacement teeth you choose, you won’t need to remove them for cleaning. You can just brush and floss as usual.

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