See a Smile You Love in One Dental Appointment

Tooth bonding is a fast, affordable, and reversible way to mend a smile. Yet its results can last for several years. Your dentist will use composite resin, the same tooth-colored material we use for our natural-looking fillings, to repair minor dental damage. He will:

  • Select a shade of composite that closely matches your other teeth
  • Carefully sculpt the material into place to repair flaws like chips, cracks, gaps, stains, worn teeth, and misshapen teeth
  • Use a special UV light to cure and harden the composite
  • Make any final adjustments to the material to make sure it looks even and natural

You may also consider combining your bonding treatment with other cosmetic solutions. For example, teeth whitening can brighten other teeth to match the shade of the bonding material. If you pursue this option, you’ll want to take advantage of our Whitening for Life special. We can also repair more extensive damage with a lifelike dental crown.

After your treatment, make sure you continue visiting us for regular checkups. Cleanings and exams keep your teeth in good shape, so your smile stays confident. If you struggle with a teeth grinding habit, ask us about TMJ treatment. We can fit  you for a custom bite guard. It will protect your teeth and restorations like bonding and crowns from damage.

Call 256-274-8680 if you are interested in tooth bonding in Decatur. You can also ​​schedule online.