You’ll Be Grateful For Your Dental Implants

You can probably imagine the smells coming from the kitchen already. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you would probably love to sink your teeth into some succulent turkey, a delicious country ham, or a piece of pecan pie.

At least, you would be dreaming of that if you still had the ability to bite and chew all of those foods. Missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures can make it difficult to fully enjoy your holiday meal.

But you can do something about that. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Charles Betts in Decatur, AL to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Call 256-274-8680 today if you want to feel confident about putting anything you like on your plate for many Thanksgiving Days to come.

You Can Rebuild Your Bite

People who have lived with traditional dentures know that they are not like natural teeth. They may look natural, but it can be difficult to bite with the same power that you could before you lost your teeth. Likewise, chewing can feel like a chore when your dentures are prone to sliding around.

Even if dentures do stay put, the taste of the adhesive needed to keep them there can mask the flavor of your food.

To strengthen your bite, you need something to keep your replacement teeth securely in place. To do that, you need to replace the roots of your missing teeth. This is exactly what modern dental implants are designed to do.

Implants are typically titanium screws that are placed directly into your jawbone. Your jaw bonds to the titanium in much the way it does to natural roots. This holds the implants in place. As a result, they can provide support for dentures, bridges, or crowns.

By acting as artificial roots, your implants create a direct connection between your jawbone and your teeth replacements. As a result, you will be able to bite with nearly as much power as you could before you lost your teeth.

Know Your Options

When you are missing teeth, it can seriously harm your oral and overall health. Even a single lost tooth can start a spiral of bone loss in your jaw, changes to your bite and your smile, additional lost teeth, and more bone loss.

When you are limited in what you can eat, you are likely to miss out on certain nutrients. For a meal or two, that’s not a big deal, but over the course of months or years, this can diminish your overall health.

By getting an implant or implants (depending on how many teeth you need to replace), you can take a proactive approach. You can replace the lost root and regain the benefits your roots once provided. By doing this, you can prevent further bone loss and continue eating the variety of foods recommended to maintain your general health for many years to come.

Enjoy Eating Again

We want to look forward to your time with your family, especially when you are sharing a meal together. Eat what you want with dental implants.

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