Three Reasons to Visit Our Dental Office Soon

You know that you should do it, but you just haven’t. Getting professional dental care is important for your oral and overall health.

Maybe you’ve been busy with work or family stuff. Maybe you forgot, or maybe you have dental anxiety. Whatever the reason, it’s OK. Our team at Charles F. Betts, Jr., D.M.D. Family Dentistry has three good reasons for you to visit us.

Call 256-274-8680 today to schedule your appointment with us. We hope to see you soon at our office in Decatur, AL.

1. You Want A Healthy Mouth

This may go without saying, but no one wants cavities or gum disease. You don’t want the other oral health issues that can develop of decay and gum infections are left untreated, either.

While brushing and flossing every day do a lot to help prevent those problems, most people don’t brushing and floss perfectly every time. That’s not a criticism, just a recognition that people are people.

Knowing this, getting professional dental cleanings and exams is your backup for those times when you may miss something. Our team will remove any plaque or tartar buildup from your smile.

We’ll also keep an eye out for signs of decay or gum infections. If you have either, we want to treat it right away before it turns into something worse.

2. We Can Help Ease Your Worries

If you are anxious, nervous, or fearful about dental care, you have a lot of company. Using the most conservative estimates, tens of millions of Americans have at least some dental anxiety.

There are a lot of reasons that people worry about going to the dentist. Some people had bad experiences when they were younger. Some people worry that their treatment may be painful or that they might gag.

The good news is we can help you address those issues. This starts by listening to your concerns so we can find the right solution for you.

We have invested in advanced technology to make dental care as painless and efficient as it can be. We also offer inhaled sedation (laughing gas), which can help in two ways. As you breathe in the gas, you feel more relaxed. It also has the effect of blocking sensations, so you don’t feel any pain or like you may gag.

It’s been our experience that as many patients get to know us, many are able to get dental care without sedation in time.

3. We Will Work With You on the Cost of Dental Care

This isn’t something that many people like to talk about, but we understand that fitting oral care into your budget may be a concern as well.

It’s why we offer a variety of payment options. This includes our in-house Dental Savings Plan. With this plan, you can pay a low flat fee which includes basic preventive services such as two cleanings and exams, digital X-rays, and a fluoride treatment each year.

If you do need additional treatments, you also will be eligible for a 15 percent discount as a savings plan member.

Keep Smiling

We want families and individuals in and around Decatur, AL to feel comfortable getting the oral care they need and deserve. Dr. Betts and the rest of our team want to help make that easier for you.

Call us at 256-274-8680 or contact us online to learn more or to request an appointment.