Save Our Number For Emergency Dental Care

You brush your teeth every day. You also try to floss regularly. Maybe you don’t do every day (like the ADA recommends), but you make an effort.

The fight against gum disease and tooth decay is a never-ending battle between you and harmful bacteria.

Nevertheless, you always have a risk of cavities, which can cause tooth infections. You also have a risk of dental injuries anytime and anywhere. For this reason, emergency dental care is a big part of our family practice.

If you ever have a dental emergency, save our number, 256-274-8680, so you can reach our office in Decatur, AL as soon as you are available.

Get Help Fast

There’s no such thing as a “good” oral emergency. The person going through it is in pain, and anyone who cares about that person just wants them to feel better. Our team understands this because we don’t like seeing our patients in pain, either. If you are having an emergency, we are going to do everything we can to stop your suffering as soon as we can.

If you or someone you care about needs emergency dental treatment, you will be glad to know that we offer fast-acting inhaled sedation (laughing gas). This can both ease your anxiety and block the pain you may be feeling. This allows us to treat the immediate problem, so we can discuss your long-term solution.

Call Us At The First Sign Of Trouble

As we noted earlier, oral emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.

When a tooth is broken or gets knocked out of its socket, reaching out to us can help you know to do before getting to our office.

We also encourage you to contact us when you notice tooth pain. Your teeth should not cause you to suffer … and they aren’t likely to get better on their own.

Focus On Prevention

We can treat your dental problems, but we would prefer to work with you to prevent them. It’s the reason we encourage you to brush and floss daily. It’s why we hope you visit us regularly for professional cleanings and exams, too.

No one wants a cavity, but we think you would agree that getting a filling is better than need an emergency root canal or tooth removal. Wearing an athletic mouthguard is extremely important as well for anyone who plays a sport. We are happy to make one for the sports stars in your family.

Be proactive about caring for your mouth. Don’t wait to treat your oral health issues, and don’t hesitate to call on our team for help.

Whether you need emergency dental care or you would prefer to avoid it, you can count on Dr. Betts office in Decatur to help. Call 256-274-8680 or contact us online.