Make The First Visit Fun At Our Family Dentistry

Whether you are a parent or plan to be one someday, you look forward to the milestones in your child’s life. Their first steps and their first words give you a reason to be happy. First days of school, first haircuts, and many other first will be things you will remember for many years to come.

Your child’s first dental visit is one of those moments, too. Our team at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry understands this, which is why we want to make this a special experience for you and your little one.

Family care is the foundation of what we do. It’s in the name of our practice, after all. We want to build a positive relationship with our patients from the very beginning.

To learn more about us or to schedule an appointment for your child at our Decatur, AL office, call 256-274-8680.

When To Bring Your Kid To See Us

We encourage parents to bring their children for their first dental appointment between the ages of 2 and 4 years. Most children are able to sit up in our chairs and interact with our team members at that time.

To help your child prepare for this big moment, talk to them beforehand about what we do at the dentist office. Explain that we what to help them have a healthy smile, which is why we want to care for their teeth.

You can make things a little easier for yourself, too, by getting new patient forms and filling them out before you arrive at our office. We also encourage you to make a list of question you may have about home care. We want to help you help your family keep your healthy smiles for as long as possible.

Based on our experience, we find it helpful to bring kids to the office after they are well-rested. One way to do this is to schedule your child’s appointment in the morning. You don’t want to bring a hungry child to the dentist. Eat something small and make sure your child brushes their teeth before you arrive. You can save a snack for after their appointment is over.

Visit Our Learning Lab

We also want to make this a happy and fun experience for your little one. You can encourage that as well with how you talk about dental care.

One way we do this is with our Hands-On Learning Lab. Your child will get to wear a cool lab coat during this part of their visit. In the lab, they will get an opportunity to try new things as part of an interactive experience.

This gives them a memorable way to learn about different cleaning tools, to compare different kinds of toothbrushes. They also get to use a product the lets them see the “yucky” plaque on their teeth. (This helps to reinforce the importance of brushing and flossing.)

Let’s Make Dentistry Fun Together

One of the best ways to keep your kids’ mouths healthy is to have a good relationship with your family dentist office. Our team works hard to make dental visits enjoyable for our youngest patients.

Let us show you what we can do. Call 256-274-8680 or contact us online to request an appointment with Dr. Charles Betts in Decatur, AL.