Know The Truth About Using Fluoride

The American Dental Association, the largest group of dentists in the country, recommends fluoride in your toothpaste and tap water. That’s because fluoride has repeatedly been shown to help your teeth stay healthier while still being safe for your body.

But you know how fake news works. You can find several sites and memes online saying fluoride is anything from unhelpful to somehow dangerous. None of that is true, but that doesn’t stop the myths from spreading like gossip.

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Don’t Fall For Fluoride Fake News

Fake news is not a modern thing. When communities in the US first started adding fluoride to tap water decades ago, a few people claimed fluoride was bad. Where do all these wrong ideas and notions come from?

Most people are just not clear on the science behind fluoride. The chemistry behind it is very complicated, so when people hear that fluoride is bad, they just go along with it rather than look up and study the facts. For example, it’s true that too much fluoride can be harmful. So can too much calcium, sodium, or even water. It’s easier to just think fluoride is bad at any dose than find out how small doses in tap water and toothpaste are perfectly healthy.

But there are some people who are spreading fluoride fake news because they’re also conveniently selling something like an ebook full of the “truth.”

How Fluoride Helps Your Smile

Fluoride is safe for you, but why exactly does the ADA recommend it in tap water and toothpaste? Here’s why.

  • Studies have shown over and over again that fluoride gets in your enamel and makes it stronger. This helps you fight cavities easier.
  • In addition, fluoride actually repairs damage on the microscopic level, helping keep your teeth healthier.
  • Even with kids who don’t have all their adult teeth yet, fluoride can strengthen those permanent teeth even if they’re not fully erupted.

That’s why the ADA recommends fluoride — and why our Decatur dentist recommends it as well.

The Truth About Fluoride

To help people understand why fluoride is good, here are some of the more common myths and the truths that debunk them.

MYTH: Fluoride is used as a poison.
TRUTH: There are many kinds of fluoride, and what you get is perfectly safe.

While it’s true that one version of fluoride is used in some poisons, making different compounds with fluoride really change it. Take chlorine, for example. In one form, it’s toxic enough to kill bacteria in pool water. But in another form, it’s table salt, aka sodium chloride. The same is true for fluoride. The kind used in dental products and tap water is very different and therefore not harmful.

MYTH: Fluoride is unnatural in drinking water.
TRUTH: Fluoride is found naturally in water people drink.

Back when communities in the US first started putting fluoride in drinking water, some people fought against it saying it’s not natural to have that mineral in our water. However, that’s completely false. In fact, that’s how scientists discovered fluoride’s beneficial effects. It’s found in well water naturally. People who drank naturally fluoridated water had healthier teeth than those who did not.

MYTH: Fluoride is an artificial chemical and therefore bad for you.
TRUTH: Fluoride is actually a natural mineral.

Tell someone there are chemicals in their food, and most likely, they will be hesitant to eat it. But a “chemical” is really just about anything. H2O is water, and yet it’s a chemical. So calling fluoride a chemical is technically correct, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Plus, fluoride is a natural mineral and not artificial at all. Like sodium, iodine, and potassium, it’s completely natural.

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