Keep Up Your Smile With Help From Your Family Dentist

Finding a home is a big milestone for any family. Find a dental home can be important for other reasons — like your long-term oral health.

In Decatur, AL, many families trust their loved ones’ smiles to our team at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry. For decades, Dr. Betts and the rest of our dental professionals have helped people:

  • Prevent dental problems
  • Fix oral health issues
  • Improve their smiles

Get to know your friendly family dentist, and let us help you help the people with your favorite smiles. Call 256-274-8680 today to schedule your next appointment with us.

Start Your Kids the Right Way

You know that teaching your child good habits when they are young can pay off when they become adults. To help you encourage good oral health habits, we make your child’s first dental visit a memorable occasion.

When your little one celebrates their 2nd birthday, you should bring them to see us. We encourage you to schedule an appointment early in the morning when they are fed and well-rested.

During this visit, we have a way of making your child feel special. We won’t push your child to do anything unless they are ready. In some cases, kids are ready for a cleaning. In other cases, kids need a few appointments to get used to what we do at the dentist.

Along the way, we will teach your child about plaque and about the importance of brushing and flossing daily.

A Focus on Preventive Care

To protect your child’s smile, we offer more than just cleanings and exams. You can get fluoride applications and dental sealants, too. Fluoride is a mineral that can make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. Sealants create a barrier between teeth and harmful bacteria.

Most children have cavities at one time or another. When they develop, we have tooth-colored fillings that can preserve the appearance of their smile and restore the function of their teeth.

In addition to preventing cavities and decay, we want to prevent dental injuries as much as possible as well. This is why you also can get custom-molded athletic mouthguards at our office. These offer better protection than the mouthguards you will find in stores. Plus, these mouthguards are smaller which makes them more comfortable to wear while practicing and competing.

If you do have a dental emergency, however, our team is more than ready to help. We have been treating patients for decades. It’s highly likely that we have seen whatever oral health problem you or someone you love is facing on multiple occasions.

Get to Know What We Can Do

Perhaps the most important thing that your family dentist can do is getting to know you and your family members. By understanding your needs, your concerns, and your smile goals. By working together, we can support your efforts to keep your loved ones smiling for decades to come.

Call 256-274-8680 or contact us online to set up an appointment at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry in Decatur, AL.