Get Your Smile Back With A Dental Bridge

Bridges are important because they give us a path to physically move from one place to another. Metaphorically, bridges help connect people and ideas.

In our view, dental bridges accomplish both of those things for our patients. Physically, bridges bring to back to being someone with a complete, healthy smile. Emotionally, they help you feel like yourself again.

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Don’t Settle For Less Than You Had

Whether you get a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge, you can enjoy feeling like your smile is whole again. That means you can speak, eat, and smile naturally.

Many patients are understandably concerned about the cosmetic changes to their smile after they have lost teeth. That gap in the smiles can make people self-conscious and embarrassed to speak in front of other people. It also can cause people to smile with their lips firmly pressed together.

By getting a bridge to replace your teeth, you can have a natural-looking, confident smile once again.

Missing teeth also can complicate how you speak and what you can eat. When little kids lose teeth, we can find it amusing when they slightly mispronounce words. As an adult, you may find yourself hesitating to speak up if you are concerned that people may not take you seriously.

Biting and chewing also can become difficult when you are missing teeth. Over time, this also can affect the way your bite fits together, and you may find that you have to give up some foods completely.

By getting a bridge, you can speak how you normally speak and continue to eat the foods that you enjoy.

Know Your Options

Losing teeth can lead other oral health issues. That’s why we encourage our patients to replace lost teeth as soon as they are able.

A traditional bridge does a good job of filling the gap in your smile and allowing you to eat and speak again. You should be aware that over time, bridges can wear down. At the same time, they are missing replacements for the roots of teeth, which may allow bone loss to occur in your jaw.

Dental implants can remedy the bone loss issue and make your bridge more stable and secure. Implants were developed to act as an artificial root for artificial teeth. With implants, you are able to anchor your bridge to your jawbone. Plus, you can stimulate new bone growth to prevent the bone loss that can occur with a traditional bridge.

Get Where You Want To Be

You deserve to have a healthy smile. If you are missing teeth, modern dentistry has some great options to restore the appearance and the full function of your natural teeth.

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