Get Multiple Benefits From Implant Dentures

Modern dentures may be made of better materials than the ones your grandparents had. However, they still function pretty much the same way.

To make them better, you need a more modern solution, and that means dental implants. At our Decatur, AL dental office, we want you to get the full benefits of replacement teeth.

Eat What You Want

Conventional dentures allow you to eat some things again. Yet, many people have told us about their frustrations while trying to chew or bite into certain foods. By getting implants, you can order anything you want when you dine out or get together with family and friends.

Stop the Slide

Even with adhesives, your dentures can slip and slide while you are trying to speak and eat. They may even fall out. On the other hand, your new teeth will remain firmly in place when you attach them to implants.

Keep Your Strong Jaw

Implants create a direct connection from your dentures to your jawbone. This stimulates the jaw to create new tissue. This avoids the kind of bone loss that can occur with conventional dentures.

Make your replacement teeth as much like the real thing as you can. Get implant dentures by calling 256-274-8680 or scheduling online to set up an appointment at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry in Decatur, AL.