Find Your Reason(s) to Get Dental Implants

Dental implants have been around for decades, but many people are still unsure if they want to get them. At our office in Decatur, AL, we have seen how implants make a difference in the quality of life of our patients.

Consider these factors if you are debating whether you should get implants.

Stability of Your New Teeth

Many people with dentures can relate stories about how frustrating they can be. When your “teeth” slip and slide around, it can cause some embarrassing situations. With implants, your replacement teeth are anchored in place.

Strength in Your Bite

In order to get the nutrients you need, you need to be able to bite and chew a variety of food. To enjoy your meals, you also need to be able to bite and chew the food that you like. With implants, you regain that ability.

Long-Term Jaw Health

Dentures and bridges can fill gaps where you once had teeth. However, they won’t prevent bone loss in your jaw. By getting implants, you not one secure your new teeth, you also stimulate your jaw to keep it strong and healthy for decades to come.

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