Enjoy the Advantages of Dental Implants

Secure your long-term oral health by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. In Decatur, AL, you can get these replacement roots for your new teeth at River Oaks Dental Care.

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1. Eat a Variety of Foods

With implants, you can have biting power and chewing strength comparable to someone with a full set of natural teeth. This means you can eat what you like and enjoy a wide range of foods, which makes it easier to get the nutrients you need for your overall health.

2. Be Confident About Your Smile

Implants secure your restorations. This gives added stability without the need for dental adhesives. You can trust that your new teeth with stay in place, so you can flash your smile in person and in pictures.

3. Protect Your Jaw

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jaw. This encourages new bone growth and prevents bone loss. Without roots, you will lose bone density in your jaw. Implants replicate the stimulation your roots once provided.

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