Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Spoil The Holidays

Now that we have reached the most wonderful time of the year, we hope you can enjoy celebrating in person or virtually with the people you love. A dental emergency can sidetrack your time together. While we hope that doesn’t happen, our team in Decatur, AL is ready to respond if you need us.

Same-Day Service

If you or someone you love breaks a tooth, has a tooth knocked out, or is suffering from a toothache, you want relief as quickly as possible. Call 256-274-8680 to contact us as soon as you can. If you are calling outside our regular hours, your call will be routed to Dr. Betts, so you can be advised on what to do. Whenever possible, we will try to meet you in person that same day at our office.

Stop The Pain

Pain is an unfortunate part of most oral emergencies. To help you get relief quickly, we offer local anesthetic and fast-acting laughing gas (inhaled sedation) to alleviate your suffering and to help you relax so you can get the treatment you need.

Prepare To Bring Back Your Smile

Once your immediate problem has been addressed, we offer a number of restorative services. We can and will do everything we can to restore the natural appearance of your smile and the full function of your teeth.

Call 256-274-8680 online to set up an appointment at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry.