Don’t Dream Of A White Smile For Christmas

We don’t always get snow on Christmas down here in Decatur, AL, but you can still have a white smile for the holidays.

If your teeth are stained, you can clean them up quickly with professional teeth whitening. Once your smile is back to being bright, be sure to take advantage of our Whitening For Life program.

You can give yourself a gift of a more confident smile, which is a gift that can last much, much longer. The first step is scheduling an appointment at Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry. Call 256-274-8680 now to let your smile shine.

Stop Your Smile From Being A Problem

Every year, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars to improve their smiles, and whitening remains one of our most popular cosmetic services.

Why do this? Well, your smile is something you have with you at all times. Clothes wear out. Hair grows out (or stops growing out). Regardless of what changes, your smile can help you make a good impression on professional contacts and the new people who become part of your personal life.

On the other hand, you can feel self-conscious when your teeth are discolored. We’ve met patients who felt the need to hide their teeth behind their hands when they spoke.

Your smile doesn’t need to be an obstacle to you being yourself.

Professional CAre

Professional whitening is stronger than commercial whitening. This makes it more effective and efficient.

When you get your teeth whitened at our office, you will receive custom whitening trays. These are molded to fit your teeth. When used with our whitening gel, this produces big changes in just a few weeks.

After your initial treatment, you can maintain your bright smile by taking care of your teeth. When you sign up for our Whitening For Life program, we’ll give you a new supply of whitening gel when you come to our office for your regular cleanings and exams. It’s really that simple. If you do what you should do to keep your smile healthy, we’ll give you what you need to keep your teeth looking their best, too.

On its own, we have seen that professional whitening can have a big impact on our patient’s smiles. Not only can your teeth look better, but you can feel more confident about sharing your smile.

You also can combine whitening with other services as part of a complete smile makeover. If this is something you are interested in doing, just let our dental professionals know when you plan your visit.

Choose A Gift For Yourself.

You enjoy giving gifts to the people you care about. One of those people should be you. You deserve the gift of a beautiful, white smile. You can get it back by visiting Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, Family Dentistry in Decatur.

Contact us online or call 256-274-8680 to request your appointment soon.