Do You Know the Signs of Gum Disease?

Dr. Charles Betts in Decatur, AL has been helping his patients avoid the dangers of gum disease for over 25 years. Our dental team has the skills and expertise that you need to make sure your smile is safe.

With that said, it is important that you know the signs and symptoms of gum disease for yourself. Dr. Betts can help you stay safe from this disease, but if you experience any gum disease symptoms in between your regular dental exams, it is important to let him know immediately.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection within your gum tissue that is caused by bacteria buildup from plaque and tartar. Your gum tissue will always have a certain amount of bacteria present. It is when this bacteria gets out of control that problems begin to occur.

There are two stages to gum disease. Gingivitis is the first and mildest stage. This is also the most treatable form of gum disease. If your gum condition progresses past this level, you will have full-blown gum disease (periodontitis). This is when the safety of your teeth may eventually be in question.

Why You Should Care About Gum Disease

Gum disease is the number one reason adults in the United States lose their teeth. Once you lose your natural teeth, they do not grow back. You will have to look to one of the several tooth replacement options that Dr. Betts has available to retain the full look you want and need from your smile.

Gum Disease Symptoms and Stages

We told you about the two stages for gum disease earlier in the article. Here are the symptoms of those stages so that you can be on the lookout for potential problems if they develop.

Stage #1 – Gingivitis

Bleeding Gums – This is probably the first symptom you will see, and, as such, the first warning sign that is often overlooked. Your gums will begin bleeding from simply brushing your teeth. For many people, their gingivitis doesn’t progress beyond this stage, so they see it as just normal and not the symptom of a potentially bigger issue.

One thing that is crystal-clear is that there is no normal reason for your gums to bleed from simply brushing your teeth. This is a clear sign of gingivitis and needs to be addressed quickly.

Red, Irritated Gum Tissue – Another step on your way to full-blown gum disease manifests as red and inflamed gum tissue. The gums will be sore and generally look “angry.”

Stage #2 – Gum Disease

Gum Recession – After your gums have progressed through the gingivitis stage, you enter full-blown gum disease. Gum recession is a common symptom and will begin to expose the roots of your teeth as the recession gets worse. You need to seek treatment from Dr. Betts quickly to make sure that your teeth remain safe.

Deep Pockets in Gums – These pockets form as the gum tissue is pulling away from your teeth. This is a very dangerous position to be in, as the gum tissue is a major stabilizing force for your teeth in general.

Loose and Shifting Teeth – Once the gum tissue is pulling away from your teeth, you may begin to experience movement in the positions of your teeth. This is the last step before the final symptom of this disease. Dr. Betts can help you. He is able to bring your gums back to good health with the tested methods our office employs to combat this disease (below).

Tooth Loss – The final symptom you may experience is the loss of your teeth. This does not have to happen. Gum disease treatment from Dr. Betts will help rid your gums of the infection and restore the health of your smile.

Gum Disease Treatment

Here is what Charles F. Betts, Jr., D.M.D. can do to help restore your gums and keep your smile safe.

Scaling and Root Planing – This deep cleaning method will remove the stubborn plaque and tartar that is present on your teeth and gums. The root planing will smooth out rough spots on your tooth roots that bacteria love. This will also prepare you to accept new gum growth.

Antibiotics – As gum disease is a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used to combat it. Dr. Betts will use focused antibiotic treatments to attack infected areas along your gumline and rid you of the bacteria causing your gum disease.

Education – The more you know about this disease, the better off you will be, and Dr. Betts is here and ready to help you. This article is only part of educating you as a patient of Charles F. Betts, Jr., D.M.D. We cannot wait to help you know all you need to know in order to keep your teeth safe.

Call Charles Betts Jr, DMD today at 256-274-8680 to schedule your appointment. Don’t delay and leave your gums at risk. Get the help you need now.