Dental Implants Make Smiles Delightful

Missing teeth can leave you looking for a reason to smile. You can change that if you live in or near Decatur, AL by coming to our office for dental implants.

Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Foods

Lost teeth make it difficult to bite and chew. Even traditional dentures only restore a fraction of your original biting power. Implants allow you to put more force in your bite, so you can eat anything you would like.

Don’t Quit Smiling

The empty space in your mouth can leave you feeling self-conscious about sharing your smile. Implants can support crowns, bridges, or dentures to give you a complete smile again.

Don’t Lose More Teeth

If you have lost teeth, you are likely to lose bone in your jaw as well. That can lead to more tooth loss. Implant replace your missing roots, which stimulate your jaw to prevent that bone loss.

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