Why Dental Crowns Are So Versatile — And Good For You

When you have a damaged tooth, it can be embarrassing to smile. It can also give you some pain or discomfort when you chew. But the real problem is that such damage can easily get worse over time. What starts out as a small crack can lead to a fractured tooth that needs to be removed.

That’s why you need to call our Decatur, AL dental office today at 256-274-8680 and schedule getting a dental crown. These dental restorations are very versatile and can help restore your smile in many different ways. Dr. Betts holds a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, giving him advanced training that not every dentist has.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps or cover for the whole visible part of a tooth. They’re made to look and feel like one of your natural teeth, and they’re shaped to fit your smile in particular. They’re even color-matched to look more natural in your smile.

Dr. Betts has helped many people over the years get dental crowns, so the dental crown procedure is routine for him. First, a small layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. Although dental crowns are very thin, they need to sit flush with your other teeth. Then the crown is guided onto the tooth and held by a bonding agent. That’s it!

The Many Roles Of A Dental Crown

There are many dental restorations you can get to repair and improve your smile, but dental crowns are probably the most versatile. Here are some of the things dental crowns can do for you.

Dental crowns repair teeth damaged by sports injuries or other accidents.

Playing sports and staying active is needed for your body’s health, but injuries and accidents can happen. A bad fall, a jarring tackle, or getting hit in the mouth can all lead to chips and cracks in your teeth’s enamel. These look bad, but they also make your tooth weaker and more prone to new problems.

By calling our Decatur, AL dental office today, you can get dental crowns to repair damaged teeth. They cover up and damage. This makes your smile look much better, but it also seals up the damage so it won’t get worse.

Dental crowns hide stains and cosmetic imperfections.

How many years have you been drinking coffee and tea? Each time you do, a tiny stain gets trapped on your teeth. Over the years, this continues until you finally notice your smile is much darker and dingier than you remember. Even if you don’t have stains, you can easily have worn edges or similar imperfections.

Dental crowns can help with both. They’re made to look like strong, healthy teeth. That means they hide stains and cosmetic imperfections as soon as Dr. Betts artfully places them atop your teeth.

Dental crowns strengthen teeth made weak by cavities or bruxism.

Cavities are probably the biggest dental problems Americans face. Our diet is rich in sugar and carbs, and that’s what harmful bacteria in your mouth love the most. If a cavity grows too big, a filling won’t work anymore. In addition, you could also have weak teeth thanks to bruxism, or grinding your teeth unconsciously.

This is where dental crowns can really help. Because they cover the visible part of your tooth entirely, they will seal up cavities or weak spots from bruxism. This adds a layer of protection to keep these teeth strong.

Dental crowns replace missing teeth as part of dental implants and dental bridges.

There are several reasons why you might lose a tooth. Some get knocked out by an accident. Others have to be removed because they are infected or too damaged to safely remain in your mouth. And some people just never had the right amount of adult teeth show up.

Dental crowns can even replace teeth! Dental implants and dental bridges, two related by different dental restorations, both use a dental crown as a durable but attractive replacement tooth.

Call us TODAY at 256-274-8680 or use our online form to schedule your next appointment for a dental crown. Whether you need to repair a tooth, make it look better, or replace it entirely, Dr. Betts has the training to use dental crowns for all of that and more.