Complete Your Smile Again With A Dental Crown

When you look at your smile in the mirror, you want to see a complete, natural-looking set of teeth. A healthy smile is complete, and each of your teeth to look whole, too.

With our dental crowns, you can restore one or more teeth or replace a missing tooth to revive your smile. Crowns can correct a number of problems you may have, and that’s why we hope you come to us if you are dealing with any of those situations.

At Charles F. Betts Family Dentistry in Decatur, AL, you can repair your smile. Just call 256-274-8680 to make an appointment.

Is A Crown Right For You?

Crowns are one of our primary restorative services. However, they also can be beneficial for cosmetic reasons. So, how do you know if a crown could help you?

Well, crowns can be used to deal with all of these problems:

  • Large cavities
  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Infected teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth

Whether you need a crown now or may need one in the future, Dr. Betts and our team are more than prepared to restore or replace your tooth or teeth.

When everything is in place, you should feel like you have your smile back. You also should be able to eat the foods that you love and enjoy.

How To Fix Your Tooth

The process for getting a dental crown is simple, although it can vary depending on your needs.

For broken, cracked, decayed, discolored, misshapen, and worn-down teeth, the first step is reshaping your tooth. This is done to create an abutment from the healthy parts of your tooth. This is where your crown is bonded to your tooth.

Our crowns are made of a type of porcelain. This allows it to look like a natural tooth when it is attached to your tooth.

If you have an infected tooth, you are likely to need a root canal treatment. This is done to remove the infection from your tooth and to strengthen the healthy parts of your tooth that remain. A crown is often the final step in the process to bring back the function and the appearance of your tooth.

For anyone missing a tooth, a crown can be used in combination with a dental implant to create a complete replacement tooth. The implant takes the place of the missing root. Then, our porcelain crown is attached to the implant to replace the natural crown. By getting this new tooth, you can prevent changes to your bite and your smile and greatly reduce your risk of more tooth loss.

Get Your Smile Back

You do not need to live with a damaged tooth, a painful tooth, or a gap in your smile. You have the power to do something about it. Dr. Betts and our team in Decatur, AL want to give you what’s missing from your smile.

Call 256-274-8680 or fill out our online form to request an appointment with us.