Athletic Mouthguards Are Always In Season

When we were growing up, sports seasons were a common thing. As many parents tell us, today, sports are a year-round activity.

If someone in your family know will be playing a high-impact sport this summer, we hope you will encourage them to do a few things. First, drink plenty of water. Second, stretch after practices and games.

And third, wear an athletic mouthguard whenever they are competing or practicing.

Dental injuries are dental emergencies. While we can treat them, we would prefer to help you and your loved ones prevent those problems whenever possible.

That’s why we make custom-fitted mouthguards as a part of our general dentistry. If someone you care about is taking to the court or the field this summer, make sure a mouthguard that fits correctly is part of their uniform.

To get one, call the office of Charles F. Betts, Jr., DMD, in Decatur, AL at 256-274-8680.

Keep That Winning Smile

When you get in a car to go to work, to the store, or to a vacation destination, you are never trying to get in an accident. Yet, you understand that is a possibility, so you put on a seat belt just in case. You understand that your seat belt won’t prevent it from happening, but it can minimize any injury if one does take place.

You should think of wearing a mouthguard in a similar way. When someone plays sports, it should be because it’s something they enjoy. It may also provide motivation to exercise and stay in shape. At the same time, most athletes understand that injuries are part of the game. It’s why many sports require protective equipment.

It’s also why the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and other dental organizations recommend wearing mouthguards during all high-impact sports. We’ll define that in a moment, but there’s a pretty good chance your loved ones are playing them if they are playing sports.

Like a seat belt, a mouthguard won’t stop a collision or a fall from happening. However, wearing a mouthguard does make athletes 60 times less likely to suffer dental injuries.

Choose The Right Gear

So, how do you know if your loved ones are playing a high-impact sport? If they change speeds, change directions, jump, get physical with other athletes, and/or have to catch, hit, or throw something, then they are playing a high-impact sport.

While wearing a mouthguard is important, that does not mean all mouthguards are created equal.

For comparison’s sake, think about a sport in which someone might wear knee and elbow pads. Those pads are more comfortable and provide better protection if they are the right size for the person wearing them. Likewise, mouthguards are more comfortable and provide better protection when they are form fitting for someone’s mouth. That’s why we made custom-made mouthguards for our patients.

Get Ready To Play

Your favorite athletes are the ones who are the closest to you. To keep your budding sports stars smiling long after the games are over, get custom athletic mouthguards from Dr. Betts’s office in Decatur, AL.

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